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8-30 The Way of the Warrior Heart News with Bill Poett

There’s literally someone dying to love you and I really think it’s time you gave them a chance!

It dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure out pretty quickly that the Warrior-Heart Project is all about love. It’s right there in our logo for all the world to see; Love, Grieve, Heal, Love. What is confusing for some people is where does love begin?

For love to be authentic and lasting then it must begin at the source. You can call the source what ever you want, God, the universe, “Is”, or simply Love. As I shared yesterday the source isn’t something that exists outside of you, in fact the source is everywhere and in all things, ergo the name (love using ergo). You can try to experience the source by loving other people and ignoring yourself but this just won’t work. I imagine it would be a bit like trying to enjoy a sandwich with someone else’s sock on your tongue, it an’t going to work and it ani’t going to feel right.

Since you are the only vehicle you have through which to experience the universe, dosen’t it make sense to experience love first through you, and then when you know, feel and connect with love, pass it along? I hate to break it to to you, but there is only one person you will spend your entire life with. There is only one person you can never hide from, and there is only one person you can never lie to. And that my beautiful Warrior-Heart is none other than little old you!

So for God’s sake, for love sake, if you want more love in you life give yourself a chance. With time and a little work you’ll come to realize just what a miracle you are, just how powerful you are and just how great it feels to know that there is someone  who actually “gets you”, will always have your back, and never leave you!

Learn to love yourself, the good, bad, beautiful and ugly, learn to care for, play with and in-joy you, and you will be amazed at how much easier it is to love the world around you. Oh yeah one last thing, be gentle and forgiving of yourself, because we are human, not perfect!

To take your Warrior-Heart training to the next level, join us at one of our California basic trainings. Our next three work shops are;

  • Saturday, September 8th at the beautiful La Quinta Inn & Suites Resort in the Heart of Paso Robles wine country. Registration begins at 12:30. Training runs from 1:00 to 4:00. $99
  • Wednesday, September 12th at the Four Star Westlake Inn in Westlake Village. Registration begins at 5:00. Training runs from 5:30-8:30. $99
  • Thursday September 20th, Santa Barbara, CenCal Health. Registration begins at 5:00. Training runs from 5:30-8:30. $99
Sign up for your Warrior-Heart Basic Training here;

In-love and joy,

Bill Poett

Founder of The Warrior-Heart Project

Author of The ABC’s of Peak Performers

8-30 The Way of the Warrior Heart News with Bill Poett

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