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Hidden Oasis on Oregon Coast USA Destination – Growth – Unlimited Jobs

Coos Bay Oregon and the whole area of surrounding towns including Charleston and Bandon North to Lincoln City,  Reedsport, Winchester Bay, North Bend and this whole area of the southern Oregon Coast South to Gold Beach is growing in 2015.






From its  opportunities for recreational activities, to mild climate. to an incredibly low cost of living, the cultural mix of baby-boomers, Oregon “Ducks” and “Beavers” (their children) and diverse peoples from all over the world coming in through OSU and U of O Universities, city boys from San Francisco to Country Girls from the south can be comfortable here.

California has nothing on Oregon when it comes to diverse outdoor activities from skiing to surfing is a short drive.

Population in 2012: 15,857 (99% urban, 1% rural). Population change since 2000: +3.1%


Males: 7,992  (50.4%)
Females: 7,865  (49.6%)


Median resident age:   41.6 years
Oregon median age:   36.8 years

Estimated median household income in 2012: $38,141 (it was $31,212 in 2000)

Coos Bay: $38,141
OR: $49,161

Estimated per capita income in 2012: $20,680

Estimated median house or condo value in 2012: $154,210 (it was $87,300 in 2000)

Coos Bay: $154,210
OR: $223,900

Mean prices in 2011: All housing units: $191,464; Detached houses: $214,281; Townhouses or other attached units: $283,994; In 2-unit structures: $249,956; In 3-to-4-unit structures: $195,545; In 5-or-more-unit structures: $355,157; Mobile homes: $76,851; Occupied boats, RVs, vans, etc.: $37,835

Median gross rent in 2012: $676.

Coos Bay Housing Data

Housing Data for Coos Bay Oregon

Houses: 7,063 (6,529 occupied: 3,978 owner occupied, 2,551 renter occupied)

% of renters here: 39%
State: 43%

Housing density: 667 houses/condos per square mile

Median price asked for vacant for-sale houses and condos in 2009 in this state: $307,097.


Median contract rent in 2009: $524 (lower quartile is $385, upper quartile is $669)


Median gross rent in Coos Bay, OR in 2009: $595


Housing units in Coos Bay with a mortgage: 2,031 (275 second mortgage, 174 home equity loan, 14 both second mortgage and home equity loan)
Houses without a mortgage: 1,061


Median household income for houses/condos with a mortgage: $55,753


Median household income for apartments without a mortgage: $35,012


Median monthly housing costs: $643

 Unlimited Jobs

In addition to the existing call-center, lumber, fishing, boating, hospitality, recreation, forest, and government jobs, and the Pacific Connector Natural Gas Pipeline slated to add thousands of high paying jobs to the local economy, changes in the way that people work and live (from anywhere online) will feed a huge upward growth trend in Coos-Bay. North Bend and surrounding areas beginning in 2015. is also seriously considering creating an unlimited number of jobs working from this area, looking at a certain very large living/working space at this moment.  Like us, many investors are making plans in this area and quietly buying up underpriced real assets in preparation for this growth.

See this article about What I would do with an empty building to fill it up 

Learn more about job opportunities and other inquiries:

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11-19 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training With Bill Poett

From Concept to Creation, Driving Dreams Into Reality!

Six months ago on the Yosemite Falls trail, the Warrior-Heart Project was born. I went into the valley seeking healing and understanding after the suicide of a friend and found so much more than solace. What began as a pathway to healing has grown into the most empowering and exciting personal transformation program I have ever seen.

In the past six months I have conduced 16 workshops, trained almost 300 menand women. A book, “Live and Live Fearlessly – the way of the Warrior-Heart” and a television show “Positively Speaking”, as well as a short documentary, are all beautiful children of this tragic event.

People are calling the Warrior-Heart Six-Step Elemental Empowerment Cycle, “the easiest, most powerful tool for positive change they have ever seen.” And the best part is the Warrior-Heart Project is still just a baby, we will continue to grow in impact and reach. We are healing and empowering the world one heart at a time and we’re getting better at it ever day.

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to join the Project. If you live in Southern California come to a workshop, they are held monthly in Westlake, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. Early in 2013 we will be live streaming the trainings so you can participate from any where in the world.

Additionally we have launched a Six Step mini-training series on YouTube. These videos are short, all under ten minutes and full of great information and tools, Here is your first training video;

And lastly we have two sites on Facebook for you;

So what are you waiting for? Between now and dead what could you possibily be doing that’s more valuable then learning how to Live and Love Fearlessly!

Welcome to The Warrior-Heart Project, welcome home.

Live and Love Fearlessly,

Bill Poett

11-18 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training With Bill Poett

Content begins here.


11-12 The Warrior-Heart Project Basic Training with Bill Poett

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this wisdom and ancient empowerment cycle I share in this video has been lost for a thousand years and it’s time we reclaim it!

In-love and Joy,

Bill Poett

Author of the ABC’s Of Peak Performers

Creator of the Warrior-Heart Project

11-12 The Warrior-Heart Project Basic Training with Bill Poett

Content begins here;

10-26 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Excerpt from Live and Love Fearlessly;

I’m about to share something remarkable with you. You don’t need to take it all in right now but I do want you to think about it. From your first breath to your last, you have and will be the very center of the universe. Everything, every teacher, every book, every piece of art, music, literature, every sunrise, sunset and beautiful spot on earth has been placed here for you to enjoy, experience, learn from and care for. The vast universe extends out infinitely in ever direction from you and it’s time you recognize just how loved and special you must be! As I said before you are a miracle and it’s time to start living and acting like one!

I will make you this promise right now; if you stick with me, if you follow and learn the Way of the Warrior-Heart you will learn to live authentically. You will learn to follow your truth and live the life you have dreamed of not another’s. If you learn the way of the Warrior-Heart, the last words you utter, will never be “Oops”!

You have a great, loving and beautiful heart, we all do. Now as to your ability ………………..

Now, you can’t wait until May for the rest of the book or you can join me live and learn the way of the Warrior-Heart in person. To all my Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Friends this coming Tuesday the 30th is our next Warrior-Heart Basic Training in Santa Barbara. We’re celebrating our six month anniversary with a two for one special. With one $99 registration you’ll get two tickets. and reserve you spot today.

A new heart, a new life and a new “way”, are waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

Live and Love Fearlessly,

In-love and Joy,

Bill Poett

Creator of the Warrior-Heart Project.

Author of the ABC’s of Peak Performers

10-26 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

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10-11 The Way of The Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Male-Female, Yin-Yang

In balance almost anything is possible,

unbalanced almost nothing is!

A major mission of the Warrior-Heart Project is working to restore balance in our trainees and the world around us. When I say restore balance I’m speaking of harmonizing male and female energies both internally and externally. For the past 2,000 the world has been completely dominated by male energy. Men have controlled every social, economic, religious and political group. And boys to put it in a language you can understand (Ladies forgive me), “We have screwed the pooch!”

The world is a mess, if we could just stop bowing each other up, we might actually figure out a way to feed each other. I know, boys like to blow stuff up, this is exactly why we need to bring in and honor the sacred feminine. Power without love is destructive, science without compassion will take us right over a cliff’s edge and that’s the direction we are heading.

If you live your life guided solely by your intellect, your life will be a disaster. If you live your life guided solely by your heart, your life with be a disaster. If you can learn to live your life guided by your Intellect and heart you will think, speak, act love and live in wisdom and joy. The is the way of the Warrior-Heart. This is the path I would have us all walk.

Welcome home, welcome to the Warrior-Heart Project.

Live and Love Fearlessly.

Bill Poett

Creator of the Warrior-Heart Project

Author of The ABC’s of Peak Performers



10-11 The Way of The Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Content begins here.

10-10 The Way of the Warrior-Heart with Bill Poett

Hurry Up and Slow Down Because Time Isn’t On Your Side.

The clock is ticking and every breath, every moment, every day moves us closer to the end of our story. This isn’t meant to scare you, it’s meant to wake you up, to get you to pay attention to the things and people that matter. Life is far to short and precious to waste a single moment, an hour, a day, on things, activities and people that don’t fill your life with light, beauty and love.

So I’ll ask you again; are you Living and loving with all of your heart? If not, what are you waiting for? Because between now and dead, nothing else matters!

Your work as a Warrior-Heart is to remember the miracle that you are and to connect you with your Soul Purpose. God and the universe didn’t work as hard as they did to bring you into existence and sustain you, so that your story could be one of sadness, depression and quite desperation.

Your were born to be a living testament of love, joy, beauty and possibility. You are a gift to this world, not a burden, and the world has been presented to you as your palet with which to make your unique Soul Purpose magic happen.

It’s my job to help you discover your Soul Purpose and build the physical  mental and emotional skills needed to live it. To teach you how to Live and Love Fearlessly!

Welcome to the Warrior-Heart Project, Welcome Home.

Bill Poett

Creator fo the Warrior-Heart Project

Author of the ABC’s of Peak Performers

10-10 The Way of the Warrior-Heart with Bill Poett

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10-8 Way of The Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Learn to Live and Love Fearlessly, because between now and dead nothing else really matters!

The bottom line is this; we all come with an expiration date and all of our stories end exactly the same way, dead!  You might not want to think about it and you might not want to talk about it, but that dosen’t change the fact that one day this adventure we are all sharing will come to an end. Our expiration date might be a week from now or seventy years, this reality helps Warrior-Hearts remember that every day, every breath and every moment is a sacred gift to be celebrated and not to be wasted.

At the Warrior-Heart Project we are here to make sure that the precious, and all to short, time that we share together is as beautiful as possible. We are here to make sure you live a life filled with as much love and joy as possible and very few regrets. Our training teaches you how to spend your life living in-love and out of fear.

When we Live and Love fearlessly we have no energy to waste on time-stealers  vampires and useless activities. We engage fully in each day with all of our heart and live as honestly and authentically in the moment as possible. Warrior-Heart’s break like everyone else’s but we are trained to love, grieve, heal and reengage with love everyday. Not shrinking and hiding our love and light from the world.

Life isn’t easy and it isn’t fair but with a Warrior-Heart you will discover it is the most beautiful, amazing, adventure imaginable and that you are strong enough to handle it!

Wednesday night, immediately following the premiere of ABC’s Nashville, Eyewitness News LA is doing a story about our work and training. We are healing and empowering the world one heart at a time and I want you to join us!

Live and Love Fearlessly,

Bill Poett

Creator of the Warrior-Heart Project

Author of The ABC’s of Peak Performers

10-8 Way of The Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

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10-2 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Love More – Fear Less

The Four Keys to a Warrior-Heart

The Warrior-Heart Project is one of the most exciting and powerful transformational training programs in the world today. We are changing the way we think, feel and most importantly heal and love. It’s apparent, to anyone paying attention, that the path we have been following is taking us all in the wrong direction. More consumption and less connection is not only damaging the planet, it’s damaging our hearts.

The Warrior-Heart training program is based on four universal principles. And while I make no claim to be the creator of these truths, understandings and exercises, they have been around for thousands of years, in my fifty years on this planet I have never seen them employed the way we are teaching them at the Warrior-Heart Project. It’s been said. “that when the student is ready the teacher will come”, and I believe we are ready!

The way to “Loving More and Fearing Less”, the way of the Warrior-Heart;

  1. Less smart-more heart. Your ability to succeed, love and create the beautiful life you’ve dream of, has much more to do with keeping your heart open and fully engaged, and much less to do with the amont of information you possess. Half-hearted efforts equal full-time failures!
  2. Act “From” Love, not “For” love. We have been taught that if we do enough of the right things we will be loved. So we try to become beautiful, educated, rich and successful.  We try to do, own, and wear all the “right things” for love. The fatal flaw in this belief system is that when we do “for” love, by definition we are outside of love. We become controlling, manipulative, judgmental, disappointed and disconnected. What’s loving about that? The secret, the key we have been missing is knowing how to act “from” Love, to recognize that we are the source, to understand that all love, light and healing flow from us not to us!
  3. Connect with and live your Soul Purpose. All of us are born with fingerprints, that in the entire history of man kind will never be copied. We are completely and purposefully created unlike any other person, and each of us are born with a Soul Purpose just as unique as our finger print. The greatest regret of men and women dying in hospice care is that they lived someone else idea of their life, not there own!
  4. Develop and master your Elemental ATR (Ability to Respond). We must recognize natural laws, the elements and our primal powers. Just as the energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind flow in harmony in nature to sustain our planet, they flow in us in the form of; our bodies (earth), our intellects (water), our relationships (Fire) and our servie to the world around us (wind). Our hearts can’t create a life beyond the strength of our Personal Elemental ATR. Warrior-hearts are committed to developing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual gifts to their greatest capacity.
These principles make up the heart of our training, who we are, and what we do. Join us!
Welcome to the Warrior-Heart Project, welcome home!
In-love and Joy,

10-2 Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

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9-28 The Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

A Prayer of Gratitude and Thanksgiving.

Heavenly Father, Sacred Mother,

I stand before you a man fulfilled, in-joy and in-love. At fifty years old, with your constant guidance and my bull headed tenacity, I have found my way home. I am sorry it took me this long and I’m sorry for all the people I’ve hurt and disappointed along the way. But God (Heavenly father-Sacred Mother) it feels so good to be here.  I know I lack the words to describe this sensation but I know you understand the feeling, after all you are it’s source.

You have taught me so many beautiful things along the way. But most importantly you have taught me how to feel, how to heal, and how to love and give with all that I am. You have taught me that each and every one of us has a Soul Purpose and that just like our fingerprint it is completely unique and knowable only to us. And that when we live our lives in love, connected to this Soul Purpose we will know heaven on earth.

I’ve have learned that the key to joy in this precious life has nothing whatsoever to do with what we “Get”, and everything to do with what we “Give”. I have learned how to be strong and brave because I know this path we walk was never meant to be easy, nothing of value comes easy.

I would not wish my path on anyone, there were far to many times when I thought that the pain and heartbreak were more than I could handle. I was wrong, not only did you show me I had the strength to handle them, you taught me that I had the strength, knowledge and love to rise above them.

This great adventure has led me to The Warrior-Heart Project and now it’s my turn and time to pass on these beautiful lessons. To each others how to feel, heal, love and engage with all their hearts is my Soul Purpose. I know I cannot fail for weither I reach one, ten or a billion hearts I am following mine and on this path I know I am following you.

I have no delusion of an easy life, but you have shown me “the way” to a beautiful and joyful life.

In-love, gratitude and joy,

Your son, your servant and your friend.


9-28 The Way of the Warrior-Heart Training with Bill Poett

Content begins here.

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