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Take a good look:

2015 | Internet Content Marketing | Real Estate Without Conflicts of Interests for Large Brokers

How do you represent several agents in a large brokerage without conflicts of interests?

I had to answer this question for a large client in the Tri-cities Area in Washington.   After a brief 5 minute presentation in a sales meeting, we subsequently signed 20 agents to do content marketing and SEO on a year long program, sold a couple of websites..

A Good problem to have, right?  But because of the nature of what we do, we are exclusive to our clients; like a hired gun, we do not want to shoot at ourselves.  When you add in the corporate politics involved between 61 agents in one office competing with each other, and the usual couple of very negative detractors, who, for whatever reason, would like the whole Internet to just go away, and who simply want to complain before the year long work has even begun; you end up with a can of worms which can potentially explode.

Now add in the usual issues with agents having lives of their own, separate family issues, and various levels of tech-savvy, not-filled-out questionnaires..  and now you have a powder keg.

This is why we invented our system the way that we did.   With the Principle broker as the master sponsor, in the header on every page, and already on top of Google search  for “tri-cities real estate broker” from our precious articles and link-building and advice on title tags etc. (without even adding the ‘Washington’ !), everything benefits the whole, but you still have work to do to satisfy each agent.  That is exactly why we write and build content and Facebook groups for areas and niches which fit the individual personalities and qualifications of the agents and brokers, and we are able to perform because we can gather the content from the Internet, and optimize and arrange it to be consumer-friendly, mobile friendly, relevant and real, whether or not they have even a separate website:


The posts on the blogs and updated events pages and announcements are periodically posted in the ever-growing Facebook groups with “this is how we make your posts here searchable on Google

Then this one article can be posted in multiple blogs and groups, reaching my audience of over 10 million, and building links for the clients with real content.  Subsequent articles will address niche marketing, relocation and work from home topics…in an ongoing campaign for one year.

Now, all of you “SEO” hacks out there, who are now thinking about how to automate this so that you do not have to do the work, YOU ARE STUPID.   Google is not stupid.

The good news is, a fully built out blog, like this one here, can serve many advertisers at the same time, eventually reaching everyone in town, with real content

Over half of search is from a mobile device, and they are not looking for a website, they are looking for a clickable telephone number.

 541-982-9291 Social Media Systems .com
Real Estate Social Media Advertising Agency Services cost very little -only $300/year for advertising only – $679 for a custom website plus marketing for a year, with SEO training and real content marketing services included – and a money-back satisfaction guaranty.

If you are a larger broker, pony up $1,000.00 as master sponsor for your area, and I will come to your town, do my five minutes at the end of your next sales meeting, and serve your agents and you well, without conflicts of interests, exclusively.

I am Israel Rothman 541-982-9291

Got a nice website that nobody sees?

My son and I did this video many years ago – still relevant today:


Millions are being made off of Princes Death

Because the law in Minnesota say’s that people are not prohibited to use a person’s image after their death a huge rush is happening to paste Prince’s images all over t-shirts, posters, mugs, key chains and anything else they can think of to make a buck.

California and Tennessee have different rules which prohibit this sort of thing and actually allows the estates of dead celebrities to go after these people who are trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of their deaths. The reason for Minnesota’s law is probably because there are not really that many celebrities that have died there, thus no reason for any such of a law so as a result, any Tom, Dick or Harry can start a company in Minnesota to print these sorts of items and are raking it in.

Prince Tee Shirts Flying Off Of Shelves




By Lisa Brando, Celebrity Insider
Lisa Brando: Celebrity Entertainment Insider

2016 Trans-Media Publishing | The Brave New World to Come

Hollywood Media Consultant Chinese-American Christie Hsiao 310-860-6112We have been writing yearly Guides since 2008 about how to be a new media advertising agency  NICHE CONSULTANT for any location or niche market, and how such an agency can promote and feed it’s clients’ businesses without or in conjunction with other spending.

Hear are two real life examples if how very talented people are using their skills to promote themselves and clients by so doing:


I have personally watched Christie since 2010 – before she was the huge success that she is now:  you could have blown me over with a feather when she told me what she was going to do – then she did it!  Her success is amazing, and her cause – well now it is mine too!

 SERENITY MEDIA GROUP 310-860-6112Christie Hsiao, Founder and CEO of SERENITY MEDIA GROUP, a global entertainment company devoted to creating high quality film, TV, and digital media projects that uplift and inspire. Serenity uses fun, engaging popular fiction and non-fiction projects to educate, provoke thoughtful inquiry, and spread positive messages. What sets Serenity apart is the resources and relationships Christie has cultivated within the China/US industry.Christie’s business sensibility and strong working relations in US and China entertainment industry which has given her the vision to create quality entertainment that is uplifting, international in scope, and catalyzes change. Christie believes in the unique power of a story to raise awareness and to compel societal transformation. She serves as creative director for all of Serenity’s projects, as well as overseeing all aspects of marketing strategy, business development and expansion.Christie Hsiao is a known forward thinking executive today with a vision to connect and uplift people of all ages and cultures around the world. As a liaison between US and China, Christie has established a myriad of working relationships with key players in Asia and US. She works with top executives and major companies in film, TV, music, art, publishing, merchandising, concerts/events, branding and marketing. With Christie’s network and resources, she is known to create win-win relationships and innovative solutions.The specific combination of Ms. Hsiao’s Western business sensibility and strong working relations in Asian entertainment industries combine to uniquely position Serenity Media Group as a bicultural conduit between Asia and US markets. Ms. Hsiao has produced independent films and worked with industry executives, including:

Christie is also an established author, having written her first book JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND, earning New York Times Bestsellers list after just 3 weeks of release. In addition to becoming a bestseller, JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND is also the first book in history to accompany a video game.

She earned her BA in Communications and East Asian Studies from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Hsiao Media Management Consultants| BE CREATIVE | BE INNOVATIVE | BE THE INSPIRATION | BE THE CHANGE | Digital Media Publishing Consultancy US and China 310-860-6112 


Aurorah is amazing – one listen here will convince you that you need to hear more:

Tune in to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. Aurorah Dey discusses the most current personal and business protection strategies and techniques to keep entrepreneurs in business without having unnecessary financial distress:

The examples above are our social media advertising agencies in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with their own businesses, own niches, and also everything that we sell to offer.

Their rankings on Google and the social networks, are my doing from an SEO, SEM, and SMO point of view, enhanced by the high quality of their content.

In 2016, our over 100 blogs and agencies will become a force to be reckoned with – the largest network of independent new media consultants in the world, practicing my own content marketing methods to dominate new media.

Our staging area for this huge expansion, complete with the new offerings of video production and editing, management consulting, local print and local media advertising and other small business consulting services is here:

Don’t stay out there in the wilderness, lost in oblivion and working alone!  You can have it all at!

UpLog Social Media Advertising Agency 541-982-9291


New Media Markets| Transmedia | Entertainment | Digital Media

We can change the world with new media:

In this year’s continuation of the yearly guides that we have published since 2008, we will further explore the world of opportunities that we saw coming in 2001, and predict the further changes in media in the next several years:

  1. 2016 Independent Publishing Markets – New Media-Merge Made Understandable

  2. The Power of a Well-Optimized Website in New Media Content Publishing

  3. 2016 | Save US – Localisation of Goods and Services – Local Family Owned Directory
  4. 2016 How To Spend 1000 Dollars on Marketing without Paying for it – Ever
  5. 2016 | From New York Times Best Seller to International Film Producer | The Christie Hsiao Story
  6. 2016 | Bricks and Mortar Retail is Changing – A Slow Death of the Behemoth is Underway Driven by Cultural Changes
  7. 10 Resolutions for 2016 | Agenda to Clean the Machine in 2016
  8. 2016 Trust Marketing – International Direct Trade – Electronic Commerce
  9. Being Number 1 In Any Market | 1 Internet Advertising Consultant – Google SRPs
  10. 0+0=0 | It takes money for an Entrepreneur to make money | It can be other peoples money
  11. 2016 – How to become your Lead Generator – A blueprint for Consultants – Brokers – Agents- Hospitality – Real Estate – Travel
  12. Internet Real Estate | How to build it – how to monetize it – what it is worth

Original article  is here:

2016 Trans-Media Publishing | The Brave New World to Come

2016 – Mobile Cheese – Baby Boomers – Lifestyle – Wealth – Bondage – Reverse Mortgage Lenders


Let me guess: you are living in Pennsylvania, or somewhere like that…
Revers Purchase - Reverse Mortgage Reverse Buy Capital


  • You own a house, sort of.
  • Your retirement barely covers your mortgage, because you put your kids through college, to get the degrees that did not earn them a job.
  • So here you are, in an empty house that you can barely afford, with little or no disposable income, stuck.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does, because we all know people like this, we are the Baby-boomer Generation.  I myself will be 62 on April 25th, taking early retirement to get some of my money that I paid in back.  But my Social Security income will be only 1283 per month, and I am only aloud to make $350.00 per month over that amount, because I spent half of my life in business for myself, and I paid very little in.  Being tied to an empty house that I can barely afford with yard work to do is not my idea of a happy and relevant lifestyle.


Wealth comes in many forms.  Fortunately, I own a business, an online business, that I operate from home.  Through my business, I have a life online, being myself, and my business can provide to me expenses, travel, entertainment within reason, and help on my living expense (shelter-auto), legally, with no tax consequence, and with no affect on my retirement; other than to provide, easily, the amount that I am aloud to have in excess, and to leave some left over (to bury back into the business) to retire again someday, independently wealthy.  In the meantime, at 62, if I cannot enjoy the journey, I am not going.  I thank God, every day, for my amazing health.  Many of us in my generation took care of ourselves.  We are not used up.  We are lucid, experienced, capable, ambitious, alive, and underemployed.


Bondage, also, takes many forms.  Do you own your house, or does it own you?  Are you tied to a lifestyle, a job, a situation, a debt, or a piece of real estate that is not good for you?  Are you restricted from being who you really are, and all that you can be, because of decisions that you made when you were too young to know better?  Do you need take your life into your hands to commute daily, or are you stuck at home with nothing to do and no money to spend?

We all make some terrible decisions in our lifetimes, because we learn from our mistakes.   but we also develop attitudes that limit us, hold us back.   By changing those attitudes, we can change our lives, and earn freedom from bondage, financial freedom, and true wealth.

Reverse Mortgage – Reverse Purchase

I am not saying these things to discourage anyone.  All I am trying to do here is to set you free from your various forms of bondage, and to give you lifestyle change options that may make you happier, more relevant, wealthier financially and otherwise, and able to do more with your God-given and hard earned talents that you have earned with hard work.

  • If you have equity in a home that you can barely afford
  • If you are buying a home with money that you do not have
  • If you are uncertain of your future
  • If you are in debt and are trapped in an unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive lifestyle

If you are any of those, you may want to consider an attitude change.

If I were you:

  • I would pull all the money that I possible could out of my equity
  • I would buy that home, with as little down and as long a mortgage at these rates that I could get
  • I would take that early retirement
  • I would start a business, invest in myself
  • I would make my life what I want it to be
  • I would never let my house own me
  • I would never let the government tell me not to work, and live, and strive, and be relevant, because I am NOT old at 62

Sure, I get paid a little to write these things, for my clients below, and for my huge audience that I maintain.  But this is also who I am, what I want, and what I love.  Think on that.

Reverse Mortgage Yield Rates

From Reversing Pa Mortgage – Reverse Mortgage Definition

Why Use a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is the only financial tool available that allows homeowners to remain in their homes, gain access to a substantial amount of money, and not have to endure the added stress of a monthly payment. 2. When one spouse dies and Social Security provides only one check instead of two each  month, the cost of remaining in the home can be insurmountable. A reverse mortgage can provide the funds to allow the remaining spouse to stay in the home comfortably. 3.One point often overlooked is that a reverse mortgage frees a child from the guilt of not being able to help their parents when they run short of money and cannot pay their property taxes, utilities, medical bills, home repairs, etc. It also frees the parents from feeling that they have become a burden to their children. A reverse mortgage allows families to keep their finances separate while at the same time allowing parents to live a fuller and more pleasant lifestyle.

2016 – 5 Steps to become a Lead Generator – A New Media blueprint for Consultants – Brokers – Agents- Hospitality – Real Estate – Travel

Influence begins and ends with real content 541-982-9291

You can go into any business right now, and become your own lead generator!  These are the necessary steps to out-compete anyone on and offline.   By doing the right things listed below, and becoming THE MEDIA for your topic, you will need no other advertising:

  1. Start a blog – but not just any blog..A blog is simply a modern website, that can be edited and updated at will by it’s owner.  A “Free” blog on WordPress, Blogger or any public platform is a bedfellow with broken and unrelated content, rendering it impossible to achieve authority and rankings from such servers.  WordPress is over half the web, and free – but you will need self hosted WordPress to get results – and a behemoth host like Bluehost or Hostgator or Godaddy will not work – this is why we maintain our own dedicated machines with huge bandwidth and multiple IPs for our clients.  Industry specific blogging platforms like, are designed to promote AR, not the agents, causing their local pages to outrank agent websites even for proper name searches, bringing up instead a page populated by competitive peers a-z – not good.  We provide almost unlimited hosting for our clients on our dedicated machines – for $179.00 per year with training and support and us maintaining the elaborate code base for you – a major consideration of you do not want to spend hundreds of hours updating and troubleshooting open-source plugins yourself.  Furthermore, enterprise level WordPress Multi-site (WPMU) installations are not easily moved, so good hosting becomes consideration number 1.
  2. Make it convert – Install Google Analytics to track everything.   Do some test marketing by spreading your message around to some of these groups.  when your “bounce rate” is down around 60%, you are ready to go to market.  You can track visitors behavior to tweak your settings and message until it converts.  Now you are ready to really market!
  3. Optimize each post, each image, each video, each profile for search with a clickable telephone number:  start good habits now, and watch as your reach, influence, link authority,  and organic traffic grow with each well optimized post.
  4. Create your social profiles, groups, and audience: at the very least, you need perfectly optimized profiles on Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.  It is best that your visitors can join, give up an email address, login with any of the big four social networks, and add their friends and contacts; rate posts, etc.  At we maintain all these features, and many more, for you; so that all that  you need do is to post.  WordPress is elaborate and free, but trouble shooting and installing plugins, themes, and functions; and maintaining them using open-source coding and plugins is a tremendous amount of work, and it requires a very deep knowledge base to do it well.  You should create niche and/or geographical groups and communities and “boards”  of your own on the major social networks, at the same time joining the largest existing ones that are on topic and relevant to your intended audience, on-topic, or not, as long as it is of interest to a useful target audience.
  5. Post at least weekly, new, unique in all the world, perfectly optimized, real content originating from and linked back to (with anchor text) your WordPress blog, and watch as your reach, influence, and traffic build with each post.

Are you ready to get started?  Do you want to make some money?

Here is a special one-time offer for you: take over an “orphan” existing blog and Facebook group, or a not-taken, exclusive niche on one of our over 100 existing social networks, and learn to do this first hand with our training, reach, and technology, for $97.00 for one year starting now:
12 months exclusive for what you do in your town or niche

Call Israel at 541-982-9291 – Click-to-call  Terms of Service Here – what to expect…

These activities, like ours, can be sponsored by paying advertisers and clients who want to reach your audience, as we are doing here:


Baby-Boomers reverse Mortgage 1-844-PA Reverse – Toll Free-- 215-901-6521 Pennsylvania Baby-Boomers’ Network News

By Michael Friedman – I meet my clients in person..

Reverse Mortgage 1-844-PA Reverse – Toll Free– 215-901-6521

Custom Local Print Campaigns:


Our print experts are in hill country in Texas – where we have a huge presence – learn more ….The creator of Hill Country Home Life Magazine can design custom print for your campaign – and an SEO blog is included at no charge

UpLog org Multi-Media Partners and Consultants

Entrepreneurs – be a “Secured Entrepreneur” at Aurorah Day Consulting – Aurorah Dey University  will break it down ‘Barney Style” so that you get your assets protected, have an exit plan, and the right structure for your company setup:

Audio Here
If you’re looking for start up capital your limited liability company can issue securities. Many entrepreneurs still do not  know that they have the ability to do this.

Often our first thoughts are that we need a loan from a bank however you can easily and legally qualify your LLC to issue securities.

In this episode of The Secured Entrepreneur Show you will learn how you can quickly be on your way to raising all of the capital you need to get your ventures started.

You can go into  business right now!  Examples:


Orange County California is a great place to Live, work, and Buy!  The market is back, and way less expensive you have ever imagined for such a Paradise!

by Tim Lorenz

Austin Texas New blog – our huge presence all over Texas:

Hill Country in Texas – Demographics and Map

by Keller Williams

Barb Siegwalt, GRI, Home Staging Specialist, REALTOR Cell: 512-745-5883

Keller Williams 1801 S. Mopac, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746

We will be adding all these Texas Hill  towns and their attractions and blogs here:

Texas Hill Country, Bandera, Barksdale, Blanco,Boerne, Buchanan Dam, Buda, Bulverde Spring  Branch, Burnet, Camp Wood, Canyon Lake, Castroville, Comfort, Concan, Dripping Springs,Fredericksburg, Frio River/Canyon, Georgetown, Granite Shoals, Gruene, Guadalupe River, Helotes, Highland Lakes, Hondo, Horseshoe Bay, Hunt, Ingram, Johnson City, Junction, Kerrville, Kingsland, Kyle, Lago Vista, Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ, Lake Medina, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Lampasas, Leakey, Llano River, Llano, Lost Maples Area, Marble Falls, Mason, New Braunfels, Rio Frio, River Road, San Marcos, San Saba, Spicewood, Sunrise Beach, Utopia, Uvalde, Vanderpool, Wimberley

Our Texas Bloggers and Agencies:

Texas Property Team 830-660-3922 Polly Haberkorn

By Polly Haberkorn 830-660-3922 – Texas Property Team – Hill Country Realtors

Spring Branch Social


Hill Country Social Network

By Michael Giddens San Antonio and Boerne Texas Realtor 210-912-1315


What markets will you reach in 2016?

At, we will reach whomever we like, as often as is prudent, in perpetuity!

Read more about our unique approach and history here..and see a partial listing of our over 20 Million person audience!  

UpLog org - The ROAR of all of US 541-982-9291
We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how…
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2016 – How to become your Lead Generator – A blueprint for Consultants – Brokers – Agents- Hospitality – Real Estate – Travel

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